Even with 2020 behind us, in many ways it seems like Groundhog Day – or Marmot Day if you’re an Idahoan. Over the last few months, the OnCall Discovery team tackled the New Year with the resolution to make it easier for legal professionals to find the right lit support company for their case needs.

We hope you’ll find the updates below helpful. If not, we blame Gary the intern, who forgot to restock the coffee pods…again

Founder’s Message

In February, we officially celebrated one year since our platform launch. With over two years in development and hours spent talking to legal pros, we were ready to spread the good word during LegalWeek 2020 in New York. Little did we know that it would be the start of the pandemic. While starting a new initiative is hard no matter the circumstances, and even more so in the legal world, this was certainly not how we planned to go live. Fortunately, we’re a digital-first company so we adjusted quickly and took the year to have more conversations with legal professionals, build our team, and focus on improving our online experience.

We started with one idea, one user, one customer – but all it takes is one to build momentum. With over 400 active monthly users and 16 services to choose from, we’re driven to keep it going.

– Irasema Jeffers, Founder & Head Barista of OnCall Discovery

Q & A: What’s a Claimed Profile?

A claimed profile has gone through our internal process to ensure the company can provide the services offered and that a verified contact is able to respond to the needs of a law firm or corporate counsel. While both show up in search results, a claimed profile is more likely to have engagement and visitors that reach out via the contact form.



💡 Remember, when you claim your company, you can choose a free or paid profile. Check out the benefits of both.

Learn More About Profile Benefits

Product Updates: Reviews and Profiles

The latest series of updates will improve the user experience for our 400 active monthly users and increase engagement with company profiles. Updates will go live the week of April 5th.

Company Reviews: Skills Selection

When we launched a year ago, reviews had 20 different options for company skills. We’ve shortened the selection to under 10 based on real reviews and survey answers from paralegals and attorneys. We know this will benefit companies’ efforts to ask for and get reviews from valuable customers.

Company Reviews: Asking for Reviews

We’ve made it easier for users to leave a review for their lit support partners, including those not listed on the platform. What’s the best way to get reviews on your profile? Ask! Here’s an easy prompt you can cut and paste to ask for a review.

Hi [Name],

It was a pleasure working with you on the [project name/description]. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review of our company within the next few weeks. When published, the reviews are anonymous, so I hope you’ll feel comfortable giving your honest feedback.

Here is the link for the review platform we use.

💡If you’ve claimed your profile, link directly to your profile page for reviews vs. the main OnCall website.

Company Profiles

We’ve changed the “Technology” section to “Additional Details About Your Services & Company.” This change gives you more ways to discuss your company, and allows more service-oriented companies (e.g. Court Reporters, Translations providers) to list their company.

List or Edit Your Company

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