(Updated 5/6/2020)

Your OnCall Discovery profile page is a means of promoting your services and expertise to lawyers and paralegals who are looking for a partner they can trust. By crafting thoughtful company details and updating it to reflect new service offerings or other exciting events, you can show searchers what you do best.


Your Sales Pitch

Think of your profile page as a launch pad for sales. Focus on the key aspects of your company brand, just as you would when you first meet a prospective client. The goal is to show potential clients that you have valuable experience and encourage them to take the next step in contacting you.

Want to hop directly to a great profile? Here’s an example 

About Your Company. Keep it short. The ideal length is about 60 words or 400 characters. DON’T copy and paste from your website. Avoid buzzwords and empty marketing speak – instead, offer data-driven, objective value propositions.

BAD: “Your premier ediscovery management company” (What does it mean to be “premier?” Are you the first? The best? Some other superlative? Why should she chose you instead of the other guy who also claims to be “premier?”)

GOOD: “In 2020, we helped over 65 new clients save at least 40% using our bundled, managed services model, when compared to traditional per-gig, per-service pricing.”

Services: It’s ok to only pick one service, if that’s the one you’re best known for. One way to think about this is to choose services that can be backed up with client testimonials. 

Company details: This is a great place to include additional information on services or cultural details that resonate with current clients and prospects. For example, you could describe types of clients you tend to work best with (e.g. boutique firms or pharma), offer a short case study on saving costs, or highlight your green energy and diversity initiatives. 

Documents: This section is where you offer an updated “leave behind” – just as in a sales pitch, it should make your prospects want to contact you to learn more. 

Awards: Highlight authentic awards, not “pay to play” accolades. It’s best to use bullet points versus free-form text, and don’t overlook those local awards. If your teams come together to collect the most for your community’s food drive, that’s a win that you should be proud of – and that your clients will respect.

 Location:  Only choose those cities where you have a solid presence. Even if you have virtual offices across the U.S., focus on the places where you do the most business, or places you want to target. Clients can quickly tell whether you’re really ready to serve in the location where they need you. 

Certifications: Choose the ones that are most recognizable to your clients or show unique expertise. Don’t see a certification you have? Contact us at support@ocdsupport.zendesk.com


Nobody Likes Stale Toast

Visit your profile page monthly and update it with the most current state of your firm’s capabilities. Solicit reviews via a call to action in your company’s email signature block and on your website to keep your page updated with fresh content.

Pro tip: Coach your teams to encourage clients to leave reviews at the end of each project.


There Are No Silver Bullets

It’s easy to let a value proposition become over-inflated, especially when your services and abilities are always evolving. Keep your profile grounded in reality. Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are the best way to earn your current and future clients’ trust. 

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